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(Portland, OR) March 20, 2012 – Book News, Inc., the leader in preparing concise, reliable descriptive reviews of new books in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, announced today the appointment of Jay Henry as Vice President.

Mr. Henry, who had been a consultant, publisher and bookseller will manage and expand Book News’ interaction with the world of scholarly publishers. He will also provide leadership in guiding the development of information dissemination to meet the evolving needs of booksellers, publishers and other suppliers. After four decades of success in creating and distributing independent and impartial descriptions of scholarly print titles, Book News is investigating the addition of ebook reviews. Mr. Henry will drive this study.

“As publishing changes, the need for credible characterizations of new books is greater than ever,” said Fred Gullette, Founder of Book News, Inc. “Current subscribers to our summary reviews have gained access to scholarly imprints in a systematic and reliable program for more than 36 years.  Jay’s thorough grip of information publication, distribution and use promises to grow Book News’ extraordinary utility in the field. His knowledge, ingenuity and vigor cannot but greatly broaden our reach & respect. We are delighted to welcome him aboard.”

“There are tremendous opportunities ahead for Book News to facilitate the discovery and acquisition of scholarly works.” Henry said. “It’s a shared secret among book buyers that a high percentage of reviews found in such references as Books In Print are unique, one-of-a-kind, and provided by Book News.  I am excited about building on the success of Book News and helping scholarly publishers create descriptions of their work that will populate discovery systems across the acquisitions spectrum.”

Mr. Henry served as the Director of Digital Services at Blackwell North America until 2009. Since that time he has worked independently as a consultant and publisher focused on ebook production and distribution. Prior to Blackwell, Jay lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts and worked as a Producer for Ingenta. He continues to reside in the great book city of Portland, Oregon where he can explore the mountains and rivers he loves.


Founded in 1976, Book News provides the unique service of preparing descriptive reviews of new high-level scholarly books. Its mission is to provide a sales and marketing channel for scholarly publishers. Distributed in print and electronic editions, Reference & Research Book News covers more than 18,000 new titles annually, with reviews appearing in databases used by nearly every college library in North America, as well as electronic sites of prominent book vendors, database producers, and online bookstores.



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