Oh, about the tax return and mortgage

I forgot to mention that I told Jen that the tax returns had arrived, and what they amounted to — that’s how the argument started– she wanted to apply her half of the return to this month’s mortgage, and that she would give me a check for $150 to make up the difference. She said she wasn’t going to worry about prorating since she may be out before the end of the month; I told her that I didn’t believe any prorate would apply, she argued, and then made the assertion that the only reason I’m staying in the house is because she’s doing me a favor… this after I’ve agreed to give her 50% custody of Nick… unbelievable… nevermind the fact that I wouldn’t need her permission to keep the house, and a greater share of custody as a matter of law, and if any one is doing anyone any favors, it’s me for her…just like it’s been forever. Well, I’m going to “retain my soul”, as I’ve been advised by simply everyone I’ve talked to on this topic, and not let her run over me… in reality, there’s nothing she can do about much of what we’re negotiating, and once she’s out, I won’t really have to worry about her any longer.


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