About Jay

Since childhood I have dreamed of using technology to improve the human condition. Maybe it was watching all that Star Trek with my little brother… Technology is rapidly remaking the way content is created and consumed. For the first time in history we have reached a point where vast portions of humanity’s collective knowledge is available to every person on the planet. We are lucky to be in a position to witness the greatest revolution in human communication since the printing press. I hope to make a positive contribution to bringing content producers and readers together in this brave new world.

Something I said not too long ago…

“I am energized by working with authors and publishers to bring their content to life and share it with the world . I have seen online content spread to places beyond the reach of traditional media, and I believe that transcendent quality holds the potential to help more people in less time than any other human endeavor. This is how we’re going to change the world…give everyone access to the tools they need to improve their condition. Making content available online is the first small step to realizing that dream.”

So, other than being a freak for digital information, I’m a lot of other things. I’m a father, I’ve built a cabin on homestead land, I climb mountains in my spare time and am one heck of a fisherman. I love philosophy, physics, computer science and gardening. I’ve been using Illustrator to help me design a complex rock wall I hope to build in my back yard and I love my family. Since learning the term, I’ve aspired to be a Renaissance Man… while I may fall short, it’s my goal. To be competent at a wide range of things, which is simply following my interests. I fell in love with the world long ago. I know I won’t live long enough to do all that I want, but I’m getting there, and that’s all any of us can hope for. I believe in adventure, expereience, and doing the right thing–however subjective that may be.

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